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Tips on renting property in Cape Town

Renting an apartment

Finding the perfect Cape Town property to rent is no walk in the park, you will have to put a lot of time, energy and effort into the process.
The following tips will guide you into making the appropriate decisions about the property which you are looking to rent:
The right property

Get in touch with estate agents so that they can point you in the direct of where your ideal Cape Town property to rent is.

Location is vital this is, after all the place where you will be living as such you need to know how close the suburb is from the city centres, as well as how close the transport links are and the crime rate plus the neighbourhood schools, stores and other public areas.


Remember that rent doesn’t always cover your water and electricity expenses you may have to make financial provisions to cover everything.


Choose your roommates wisely, unlike living at home with your family you will now have to tolerate this person who does things completely different from the way in which you are accustomed to. This will be an eye-opener however you can always look for someone whose personality is a lot like your own.


View property objectively focus on what works and what needs to be repaired this is no time to be emotional over property.
Cape Town has some of the best property to rent you just need to know how to go about finding it.


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