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Property to rent

A guide for first time landlords

Landlord and tenant

If you have decided to venture into the property to rent in Cape Town business, then it would be wise to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. The industry is huge and in order to survive there is lots you will need to learn.

Unlike selling a house or flats to rent in Cape Town, the whole sphere of being a landlord is completely different because the property in question is your responsibility.

 Being a landlord means that you are putting your trust in someone else, this person will then occupy your property.

Start with the following basics and you will be happy with your decision to rent out your Cape Town apartment:

  • Your decision

Understand the decision that you are making, prepare yourself for the property to rent industry and all that comes with it.

  • Revamp

Fix up the property you will be renting out, paint and repair all faults with the apartment.

  • Professionals

Get lawyers to review your lease agreements and professional repair men to fix up the flat.

  • Pricing

Set a price that will be competitive and you will always have someone interested in the property to let.

  • tenants

Make sure you thoroughly screen all prospective tenants.

Renting out property is a big step to take but as the saying goes; “to earn respect you need to give respect”, treat you tenants with respect and they will respect the property that they are renting from you.


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